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Desaturated Colors - July 30th, 2020

To literally everyone viewing this website, I decided to tone it back a bit on the color scheme and not use maxed out tones. It should be a tiny bit easier on the eyes.

While I did like the old coloring, it was a recommendation from a few friends who all agreeded "Yeah this kinda does hurt my eyes a fucking lot."

July Quarter Classes - July 23rd, 2020

Today officially marks the start of a new quarter for myself, something I'm on a fence about looking forward to. It'll be nice having an actual schedule again, as god knows that quarentine has absolutely wrecked even the slightest bit of planning I've had.

I did end up fixing the location of the hard drive cage in my desktop, much easier to install new drives when they're not blocked by an essential power connector! Asides from all that, I might get back into streaming (for the fourth time) as my class schedule is rather lenient. It'll be through Twitch like everyone else, looking forward to seeing you there!

Painted Desktop Case
New Hobby; Case Modding - June 15th, 2020

While this specific blog post exists to test something outwith image placement on this website, I'd also love to show-off a new project I've been working on. My main desktop is what I'd call a "sleeper build" as it's a pretty decently spec'd PC in a really bad looking stock Lenovo chassis, specifically because it has a carry handle inthe top of it.

Just to make it pop a tiny bit more, I decided to "upgrade" how it looks by spraypainting the inside of it. I used Krylon brand florescent paint for the main part of it, along with black as a good contrasting color. I also installed two sets of LED blacklight strips to make everything inside glow.

The hard drive cage located under the optical drive bay is also a secondhand part that I installed, allowing me to mount drives using screws instead of Lenovo's horrible plastic rail system. I will have to move it as I didn't plan ahead with measuring, and 3.5" drives hang over the 24-pin ATX power connector on the motherboard.

Web 1.0 Lookin' Site - May 29th, 2020

This may not seem like much, but I've decided to sit down and do away with weird gimicks like crowbaring JavaScript into my site design and instead decided to create something very clean and very concise. Consider this a change of pace, possibly due to actually having a formal eduation in web design now, but this will likely be the final major overhaul and the concrete design as I look into professional webhosting options and actually buying a domain name for myself.

I may start using this website for actual services rather than as a glorified blog, but this section will absolutely remain on here just as a place to post updates and general information about what's going on.

Website 3.0 - February 11th, 2020

While I know that this website hasn't been the best with keeping up to date on certain things, such as making new posts or remaining active for people to access, don't think that it's now permanently defunct. This is the third revision of the website, and oh how it has advanced over the course of nearly half a year now.

This now implements a mixture of JavaScript for the tab switching and Media Queries for the changing of the layout on mobile or at very low browser widths. As always, the previous version of the website will be archived for all to laugh at along with my very first edition of the website.

Tabletop Podcasting - October 14th, 2019

It's hard to say if this will actually take off or not, but me and some friends may be putting together a little podcast that consists of us recording our tabletop RPG sessions and throwing them up online somewhere. Hard to say if it'll actually take off or not, but there's no harm in trying. We did a bit of test audio with our "Session 0" and plan on playing around with it to see if there's anything salvagable from our shit podcast etiquette.

I'll follow this post up with a link to it if it's successful, otherwise assume that it's dead in the water. If it does take off, expect a link in the "Project" section of this website.

Other Pages & Dead Cars - September 26th, 2019

Today marks a few ups-and-downs personally, on one hand I decided to finally sit down and create files for the other two pages on my website instead of just having them as dead-links. On the other, I need to drop about $100 on a new car battery, which kinda sucks.

Oh well, life goes on and all that, just means I have to be a tiny bit more reasonable with my spending in the next month. Hopefully this isn't going to be a sign of constant issues with the car, I just need for it to hold out for another two or so years.

Official Website: Mk. I - September 20th, 2019

This blog post marks the date that I sat down and finally decided to design an actually decent looking website. I will keep my old Website archived as a reminder of my progress made. Feel free to stop by and laugh at it, as I know I reguarly will.

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