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I am a currently enrolled college student who is working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Information Systems and Technology, with a specialization in administration. I have extensive experience with both Windows Server and various Linux-derived operating systems, personally using CentOS as the core of my refurbished IBM SystemX server that is primarily used for virtualization.

Asides from computers, I have experience with networking using Cisco routers and switchs and have dipped my toes into homebrew solutions such as pfSense and OpenWRT. While not actively using the later two anymore, I also use a refurb Cisco Catalyst 3750X Series switch for my home network.

Peeling away from that altogether, I am an amateur photographer, thrifter, gay enby furry, and bodge-happy hobbyist with a love for coffee. I can occasionally be found at Goodwill or lurking around online in various chatrooms, but also real places such as punk-rock shows or various conventions!

If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to send me an email at "webmaster(at)", add me on Discord at "Impish Delights #6969", or even on Telegram as "@ImpishDelights"